Sunday, March 21, 2010

Woot! Health Care reform passed by The House!

I spent hours watching this tonight and I am so happy that Congress is finally coming to their senses and doing something about this problem.  I really feel that this is a historic vote and the first real win by the Obama administration.  It doesn't have everything in i that I would have wanted, but honestly after the months and months of BS that we have experienced, it is amazing that that it happened at all.  In my opinion, if this is signed into law it is on par with medicare or social secure or even the civil rights movement (though this might be a bit of a stretch).  I will gush about this when it is signed into law, but I am really excited by the fact that this has been passed by the house tonight.  Also, I will admit to geekily chanting "Yes we can!" with house members when vote number 216 showed up on the screen.  I have had my doubts, but I feel like I am finally seeing my vote for Obama and this congress pay off.

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