Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Update: The Death of Sweepstakes Madness?

Well the North Carolina Lottery commission seems to be closing in on those so called Sweepstakes Centers I mentioned in an earlier post. Today the State Education Lottery sent letters to retailers who operate such video gaming devices warning that if they are convicted of felony gambling charges, they will lose their license to sell lottery tickets.  The state senate also says that it plans on outlawing sweepstakes cafes once it reconvenes for the May session of the legislature.  As I mentioned in my earlier post I definitely see these sweepstakes centers as a problems, especially considering that they are practically popping up anywhere and everywhere. It is also rather disturbing that some are open 24 hrs and some actually let minors in (I wonder if they are able to gamble?).  However, I don't really see the purpose of moving toward an outright ban of these mini-casinos.  It just seems like with very strict regulation, and heavy taxation or licensing requirement these places could serve as a handy revenue source for the state.  I guess we'll have to just wait and see what happens come May.


The above picture is a photograph from the WRAL post that is linked above.

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