Monday, February 8, 2010

The Great Super Bowl Sell Out and The Super Bowl's Ban on Female Performers

After the scandalous appearance of songs by both Arcade Fire and Grizzly Bear, hipsters and indie music fans continued the endless tail chasing that attempts to protect underground culture by kicking those out who do not adhere to a code of rejecting mainstream culture.  So it was no surprise that when the Grizzly Bear song "Two Weeks" was featured in a VW commercial and Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" was used in a NFL commercial that was supposed to benefit Haiti earthquake victims.

And while I tend to agree with part of this sentiment, if done right its really hard for me to dredge up the indignation that many people have expressed as a result of each of these slights.  I suppose the fact that my days of screaming "sell out!" are over may mean that I am obsolete or yuppified in the eyes of hipster culture and I'm willing to accept that.  But honestly I'm not going to let a NFL commercial (although this hurts a little bit more) or a car commercial diminish my love for either Arcade Fire or Grizzly Bear's music. We can talk if their music starts to suck...

A second thought I have was in regards to the dreaded halftime show, which, even before Janet and Justin was mildly unpleasant.  Since the wardrobe malfunction in 2005, there have been a plague of dried up has-been male rock stars and Prince, who is no Spring chicken either.  Which leads me to ask, will the NFL ever trust a woman to perform in a Super Bowl again?  Honestly, is America so afraid of female sexuality that we have to keep the proverbial chastity belt locked firmly in place and prevent any expression of femininity during the super bowl halftime show.  Not that I'm complaining, as I would gladly take The Who (aka That CSI Band) over Britney Spears or whatever crappy pop diva replaces her, but this blatantly sexist approach is just sad.

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